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still busy!

Classes haven't even started yet and I'm still fairly busy...any free time I have is spent talking to Patti ♥ I miss her so much, but I can take a Greyhound bus to see her for a weekend and it's under $80. I think I'll end up doing that once a month, if I can afford it.

I miss her loads, I can't even describe it really well. All summer I saw her nearly every day...I think the longest we went without seeing each other was four days? So this is going to be a MASSIVE change.

I have been making some amazing friends at college, though! Randi, my roommate, is supa spiff :D And I've met other people from my dorm and around campus that are hilarious and great so far. I don't know yet who will be my "close friends" and who will just be acquaintances, of course. But we'll see as the year goes on.

Anyway, I have to sleep and write my letter to Patti for the day ♥ I think Wednesday I should have time to update on everything that has happened so far!!!
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